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tonight we made history. >> mitt romney declaring victory in new hampshire tonight. >> the former massachusetts governor now has back to back wins in his quest for the republican nomination for president. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. many experts believe romney's momentum will be all but impossible to stop. >> with 94% of the precincts now reporting, mitt romney has 39% of the vote. ron paul has 23%. jon huntsman comes in third with 17%. newt gingrich and santorum are battling it out for fourth with 9% each. abc7's john alston is here with what is clearly a crucial
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night. >> romney has established himself as the front runner into the first southern primaries. he is the first republican since president ford in 1976 to have back to back victories in iowa and new hampshire. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> immediately after declaring victory, mitt romney took on the challenger he hopes to face in november, president obama. >> he promised to improve our nation. those were the days of lofty promises made by a hopeful candidate. today we are faced with the disuh .ing -- the disappointing record of a failed appointment. >> he gave the second place finish to ron paul who approved his standing from last week's iowa caucuses. >> i called governor romney a short while ago before he gave his talk and congratulated him because he certainly had a clear cut victory. but we are anybody lig at his heels. >> jon huntsman who up anded the iowa caucuses and staked his campaign on tonight finished third.
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>> and here we sit tonight, ladies and gentlemen, with a ticket to ride and to move on. here we go to south carolina. >> trailing the pack was newt gingrich who made the president of -- a political target as well. >> i will do everything i can to win the opportunity to represent you this fall in debating and defeating barack obama. >> also near the bought m to, rick santorum. >> you want a state like new hampshire that had a lot of folks here and spending a lot of time here and a lot of money. we knew it could get tough. >> it could get nasty where he established himself as the man to beat, and challengers are already spending millions to go after him for his years as a venture capitalist. >> but i think the biggest factor in south carolina is going to be the endorsement by governor nikki haley of romney pretty early on. >> the field is expected to narrow after the next primary. >> what you will see in south carolina is perry, santorum and gingrich will clash over this same nonromney vote.
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one will drop out and maybe even two. >> texas governor rick perry sat out today's contest disiegd to get a head start in south carolina. new hampshire normally has a history of surprising upsets, but this time new hampshire was known for its predict ability. >> john alston president aring. a san jose teacher is facing molestation charges. craig chandler saw caused of aggravate -- is accused of aggravated sexual assault on a child. lisa is live where this man worked. lisa? >> reporter: he has been a teacher here at ob whalely elementary school for nine years. he most recently talk second-third grade combo class. they believe he sexually assaulted a child here on campus between august and october of last year. they will not say if it happened during school hours or if the child was even a student here. they do worry more victims may be out there because chandler was a teacher for so long.
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tonight the president of the west evergreen neighborhood association spoke with me about the suspect. as a community member he says he knows every teacher at this school including craig chandler. >> i was appalled to hear what he had done. it is shocking. i never would have thought that he would be a person to take advantage of a child. never would have thought that. >> the evergreen school district super inen 10 dent released this statement, quote, the district is cooperating fully with the san jose police department. 1k3* we want to assure the community that the safety and well being of our children is our primary concern. chandler is being held without bail tonight. he will make his first appearance in a san jose courtroom on friday. back here live now, and detectives are urging victims to come forward and call san jose police. live in san jose tonight, lisa
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amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. stolen car leads to terror for an east bay family in the backseat of that car, their sleeping five-year-old daughter. alan wang picks up the story. >> carolyn, the five-year-old girl is asleep in her bed tonight, but less than a few hours ago she was a missing child. people in this neighborhood say they feel safe here, but maybe not after tonight. five-year-old salma, senior slept through the whole ordeal. her father, adolfo senior just returned from her appointment at 6:30. he parked the car in front of their home and helped to bring their three-year-old son in the house while his wife ran in to use the restroom leaving salma asleep in the carseat. >> my wife finished what she was doing and coming out to get my daughter, and the car was gone in less than two minutes. >> i ran frantically down the
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street. my first inclination is maybe the car rolled down the street. >> he says they called 9-1-1 and the police were there in less than four minutes and quickly combed the neighborhood. adolfo says he and his wife were frantic. >> she was crying and running around. she was crying and the neighbors came out. everybody was helpful. it was like the whole world flashed in front of my eyes. i watch these horror stories on tv, kidnapping, abduction and i was having the same fear jie. 15 minutes later they found the abandoned car on grass wood drive several blocks away from their home on fleet wood drive. police think the suspect was after the rims on the car. >> she was still in the backseat sleeping. she was laying down in the backseat and didn't know what was going on. >> police believe the tinted windows hid the girl from view and the suspect ditched the car after realizing the girl was sleeping in the backseat. >> i am just lucky my daughter is alive, and they didn't kill her or dump the car somewhere.
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>> the worst 15 minutes of their life. they would like to thank the richmond police department for their speedy response. adolfo senior says his wife's purse was stolen from the backseat. police think the thieves used a shaved key which is popular in stealing late model japanese cars. reporting live in richmond, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. lawmakers took another step toward building a stadium for the san francisco 49ers. the city council reached an agreement with great america. it is to use the parking lot for stadium events, and it gives construction crews access to great america's overflow parking lot. die hard efforts to keep the 9ers in san francisco continue. sf gate is reporting that the planning commission is trying to arrange a meeting between business and labor lead you ares and the dallas architectural firm hks. sthre drawn out preliminary --
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they have drawn out preliminary plans for a stadium and retractable roof at hunters point. they are trying to raise funds for a full fees ability study. now to the nfl team on the other side of the bay. within minutes of taking the job, the new general manager of the oakland raiders made a big change jie. he fired hugh jackson. larry beil is here with the story. >> major change. a new era for raider football from owner to gm to coach, and perhaps to los angeles. that's based on comments from mark davis who has taken over following his father al's death in october and showed that he is ready to lead. >> the lights went out and then they came back on. he interviewed one man and said reggie mckenzie was the man. hugh jackson said he was not the man he wanted as his head coach. they failed to make the play of yos, and jackson is out
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after one season as the head coach. >> and i felt there is a need for change at the head coaching position from the top. we are moving into a new era. no disrespect to coach jackson, but it is something i want to do start a new. >> my feeling always has been that if my father wasn't here, we needed somebody to run the football side of the building. i needed to find the right person. i truly believe that reggie mckenzie is the right man for this job, and i think you will all see that as we go along. >> mckenzie played for the raiders in the late 80s. he said he felt like it was coming home, and he spent the last 18 years in the green bay organization. first order of business is picking a new head coach. we will have more on that later in sports. now on the subject of the stadium, mark davis did say the raiders need a new one. he would prefer to stay in oakland. he would consider sharing with the 9ers in santa clara, and he says he has been approached by officials in los angeles,
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but he did not hear an offer from them that he liked so far which is ominous and looming out there and pushing the leverage button very quickly. >> new era in many ways. thanks very much. coming up next, a vallejo ice cream store owner gets pro active. the video he sent in showing a suspect walking out with cash and a cone jie. and a study that explains how a soda tax could save lives. >> and the bart ride some have been waiting years forgets the final green light. >> all of that is coming up, and then on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran, dan and carolyn, up next on "nightline" it is about jobs, the economy and who will be the candidate to take on president obama in the race for the white house? a big shift tonight in that race, and we are on the ground in new hampshire as the drama unfolds. that's on
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get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. now get twice the data for the same low price. hurry in, this offer ends january 15th. verizon. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to night -- the owner of an ice cream shop is hoping somebody recognizes the man who robbed his store today.
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you heard him say thank you. the owner of the baskin-robbins sent in this video. it shows the robber coming in and ordering ice cream, and then pulling a gun and demanding the money in the drawer. he got the money and his scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. no one was hurt. san francisco is considering the drastic measure of banning free parking for people with disabilities. the city officials say it is in response to the ever growing number of people using the blue parking plaque plaques illegally even though the abuse carries a thousand dollar fine. >> i think it is a problem in a sense that there is some abuse, but i think we also need to make sure in looking at that issue, we don't ignore the fact that there are many people following the rules who need this, and that having that kind of system in place is something that we should be proud of. it is just a question of addressing some of the abuses. >> san francisco cannot act on
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this on its own. banning free parking for the disabled would require a change in state law. a fire that raced through you a south market apartment building tonight is under control. the blaze broke out at about 8:30 in a three-story building on 11th street and quickly went to two alarms. the fire left several people homeless. there are no reports of any injuries. that's the good news. the cause is under investigation. researchers predict placing a tax on soda could prevent an average of 2600 premature deaths a year. a group of university scientists including researchers from uc san francisco predict that a penny tax would reduce consumption by 15%. it would lead to the number of obese adults by 867,000 in 10 years and prevent 2.6% of new cases of diabetes. the research is published in the journal health fare. the next stop for bart, san jose. transportation officials have given the go ahead for $900
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million to extend bart service south. the 10-mile extension has been talked about for decades. it will cost $2.3 billion. 900 million is coming from the federal government. the state is expected to contribute $650 million. the rest is funded through local sales tax measures approved by santa clara voters. >> without driving and dealing with traffic. >> they don't have the money for it. and what is the matter with the way it is? >> congress now has 60-days to review the federal funding recommendation with lawmakers expected to uh approve tflt the new line could open as soon as 2016. well, blue skies are everywhere once again. >> boy, we are stuck in this pattern, aren't we? >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> carolyn and dan, it has been a long dry streak. the last time it rained in san francisco, december 30th, 2011. you probably can't even remember the last time you pulled out your umbrella.
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the average january rainfall is 4.5 inches in san francisco. we have received 0. that could all be changing. let me show uh time lapse from our high definition roof camera. the moon is 96% of full. the skies are clear tonight and giving us a spectacular view of the moon. and because of the clear skies, we are on the way to a very cold night. it is already down to freezing in novato. it is just about freezing in napa. 36 in fairfield. low 40s for mountain view, livermore and also for half moon bay. here are the highlights. mostly clear and cold tonight. a spare the air for tomorrow. looking at dry and mild weather into the weekend, but things are going to change beyond that. we will talk about that in a moment here. spare the air for your wednesday. poor air quality in the north bay. we have really light winds that we weren't expecting. higher pressure trapping the pollute tents near the surface. moderate air quality for the
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rest of the bay area. just letting you know that it is illegal to burn. by morning expect the temperature to bottom out at 29 degrees in napa. it is pretty chilly. 30 degrees in santa rosa and 32 for fairfield, livermore and down to just above freezing in concord and 33 degrees. we will see the upper 30s around san jose, palo alto and out toward half moon bay. the first thing as you head out the door, you might want to grab a coat. but you will have to shut it later in the day as we are expecting a nice, mild afternoon. the system that came through, a cold front went in one direction and the low dropped down in another direction. we were left dry. other than a few clouds today and a little bit cooler, dry pattern for today. the dry pattern is going to be with us through monday which is martin luther king junior day. this could be budging finally by the middle of next week. snowpack is running 14% of normal. you can see here 14% in the north.
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central sierra is 9%. the southern sierra is 20%. one year ago it was 182% of normal. so it is really a far cry from where we were a year ago. the afternoon highs are really looking nice. 67 in santa rosa and 62 for san francisco. 63 in san mateo and mid50s fremont, livermore, san jose. around the monterey bay, the temperatures are rising as well. we are looking at temperatures coming up into the 60s. near 70 degrees in gilroy. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. spare the air tomorrow, dry pattern continues with milder weather. cooling off for the weekend and right on into martin luther king, junior day. but look at tuesday. chance of rain. i know it is late tuesday night in the north bay, and then both computer models are beginning to agree now wednesday and thursday, carolyn and dan, it could be raining in the bay area.
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this is just something we have been waiting for for quite some time. >> thanks, sandhya ?ie. coming up next, google gets personal. >> how the search giant is adding something very familiar to your searches. so, this is delicious
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personal touch to searches on the site. those who have a social account are receiving information from other members within their social circles. for instance, a google query about the 49ers may include comments made by others. some say google unfairly exploits its dominance in internet searches. they are looking at information shareed on facebook sains may. while we are talking high-tech stuff, the next big thing could be be unveiled during the consumer electronic shows in las vegas. they opened all things tech. ultra books, for example, thin, powerful laptops with long battery life are big here, as are o-led televisions. one model has face recognition and can respond to your movements. for example, you can increase the sound by raising your hand. there is also a product that turns your iphone into a robot. the show runs through friday and with booths filling in the
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area the size of 31 football fields, you can bet there is something for everyone. we do love our gadgets. >> speaking of football fields -- >> turn up the volume. >> i'll do it myself. >> did it work? >> busy day in oakland. new football coach and down goes the king. the car -- the warriors stun lebron and the best team in nba in overtime. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol.
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stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. the warriors come back from a 17-point deficit against lebron james and the miami heat and they win it in overtime, biggest win of the season no doubt. reggie mckenzie, front row. dwyane wade and lebron james doing their thing. wade coming back from a foot injury and scoop to the hoop and up and in. 34 for flash. wright, where has he been this year? hitting three, three's in the
11:29 pm
first quarter. warriors up by seven. the heat out score golden state by 17 in the second and third. lebron pumps and fires. 84-67. game over, right? no. not if nate robinson has anything to say about it. a pair of three's. and then here, look at the burst to the hoop and speeding by lebron with five three's coming in on the season. he had six in this game and tied it at 96. they go to over time. robinson in the passing lane intercepted and ahead to right for the flush. robinson had 24 off the bench. wright with 20. a huge victory for the warriors. 111-106. >> continue to play no matter who they have on their team. if you are together as a team you can have it how you want it. >> to the ice and the sharks andthe wild and minnesota roup in the third and a turnover. he forced the issue big time
11:30 pm
here, and he puts himself on the net. two goals in 22 seconds and to that are ton to marlow who are tied at four. it was a 2-0 lead. he needs this for the sharks to stay in it, denied, 5-4 wild in what ended up being a wild game. as we tolder earlier, big change for the raiders. the ink was barely dry on the contract forage gee mckenzie when he fired jackson. the silver and black are 8 and 8 under jackson and killed by injuries and penalties and poor defense. mckenzie's job, take a franchise that was basically a dictatorship under al davis and build an organization starting with a new head coach. >> this decision centered around my wanting to bring my own guy in. >> we were 7 and 4 and last the last four games. that had nothing to do with the hiring and firing.
11:31 pm
it was better to let reggie put his stamp on the organization. that's why this happened. >> we will roll up our sleeves and work at it. we are going to get better, that's for sure. >> now with mcken mckenzie saying he wants his own guys aside the assumption the green bay assistant coach winston moss will be a serious candidate for the coaching vacancy. moss also played for the raiders, but the raiders will have to wait until green bay's season is over if they want to hire moss. and that could be several weeks as the playoffs go on. and that is your toyota sports report. >> six coaches in eight years or something? >> they turn them over quick over there. >> they are not happy. >> hard to believe. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. you can keep track of the latest breaking news. >> check us out there. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night, everyone. ring, ring.
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